the meaning of life is to live.

i'm ally. ambitious and too young. c'est la vie.

So excited to be here, obviously. @morganepark  (Taken with Instagram at Stephen C. OConnell Center)
Best Sunday of my life 🚗💨🔥💩👌 (Taken with Instagram at I-75 North)
Love of my life @nadinegrows 😍🎉📷👒 (Taken with Instagram at Sholom Park)
I’ll be Mrs. Jones any day 😍 (Taken with instagram)
Cookies from subway, does that mean they’re healthy? (Taken with instagram)
Paying for gas, #stripperlife 👯💰💉 (Taken with Instagram at Gainesville, FL)

Behold the Thakoon for NARS nail color collection.

Mixtape: Dave Raps “AKA Dave Ruffin” - Dave Raps’ new mixtape is finally out!  Stream or download it now on


Mixtape: Dave Raps “AKA Dave Ruffin” - Dave Raps’ new mixtape is finally out!  Stream or download it now on



MERI’S STYLE: I like changing my style depending on my mood!  Sometimes I like soft, feminine clothes, sometimes I choose colorful and quirky clothes with an 80’s influence. 

INSPIRATION: I’m inspired by so many things and people! Brigitte Bardott, Twiggy or Madonna 80’s.  I’m also inspired by many artists, models and fashion photographers.  A couple of my favorites are Mario Testino, Ellen Von Unwerth and Tim Walker. I also love Wildfox Couture and Charlotte Free.

WHAT DECADE DO YOU BELIEVE HAS THE BEST FASHION? I can’t choose just one, because each decade has something that I really like. Coco Chanel revolutionized women’s fashion - she introduced women’s pants and she made the little black dress! think she had amazing style! I also love  80’s, Joan Jett, Madonna, Converse.

FAVORITE TREND AT THE MOMENT: I love bright neon colors, pastels – mint green especially, super bold prints and asymmetric dresses.  

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO WEARING THE MOST THIS SPRING? This spring I would like to wear more crazy and colorful outfits, printed leggings, high waist pants and shorts and cat-eye sunglasses!

IF YOU WERE A BOY… Oh, this is very interesting, because I love men’s fashion so much! I like to wear my boyfriend’s printed shirts, so if I were a boy I would wear them for sure. I also like leather jackets, converse and tattoos!!

WHAT IS ONE INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOU THAT YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE? I have graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, and my master’s thesis was about the history of photography and illustration in fashion, it was very interesting.  I’m very influenced by art and best fashion photographers like Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton. I really LOVE them!

Delicious venti pick me up 👍 (Taken with Instagram at The University of Florida)
Slept in my car last night, too cold to sleep on the beach heeehahaha 😁🚕💤☀👎🌊🏄👍 (Taken with Instagram at St. Augustine Beach)